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Thursday 8 December 2011

rebel avatars and romantic anarchists

Now my Lenovo thinkpad keyboard has finally arrived, my tablet pc looks like it can operate without me.  I sit beside it like a cat in undergrowth, waiting for the first presentation or novel to flow from its screen. One day, we will end up redundant in the process of conversation and connection that is defining our world.  The words will just echo without us.  Tweets will tweet back to each other in an infinite tweet-ness.  Faces will follow one another that bear no relation to the identities that originally chose them to represent the fast vanishing concept of ourselves . We’ll become unwanted slaves to rebel avatars. Back to the basket, cats …

It’s been one of those over and under advantaged thinking days, which starts off with the high octane of ideas ballooning in the sky (thanks to C4C), and ends crashing into the pavement of limits and gravity. But the ideas were good, with wings I could fly in. Like Icarus. Advantaged thinking is ultimately all about holding your nerve and belief, in the face of all the reasons of why we under achieve our dreams. Advantaged dreaming needs Advantaged actioning too.

Favourite quote of the day: ‘here’s a right wing left field idea…’  Do we ever do right field ideas? Maybe that would be radical in a left brain kind of way. Right field, right of centre, right in the muddy patch near the bushes, to go left at the next right…

Favourite idea of the day: instead of just co-working hubs, why don’t we do office swaps? So, we could form a connection of say 100 people in 100 organisations, and swap a day a week between our workspaces. Which would also benefit the organisations from the input of new energy. Who wants to be my swapper?  I'm up for Russia if you are reading.

For some reason, I’ve ended up being reminded that I spent my early childhood learning to overcome a stammer. Now, as an adult, I’m trying to ‘avoid’ overcoming the intellectual stammer in my head, that refuses to stop beating out its drum for change in what Fassbinder once wonderfully described as a romantic anarchism.  My brain is punk. I'm asking for an upgrade from Director of Innovation to Director of anarchy.

What we need are the people who keep us on track at being our authentic selves, who hold a compass for our beliefs like a co-heartbeat.  Is that a new job for the 21st century?  City Trackers.  Please apply within. My compass is heading left of left field...

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