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Sunday 11 December 2011

Braintree's Got Talent

Ever since my TEDx presentation of Open Talent back in April this year, it’s been my dream that young people would take up the challenge to make their own films about what Open Talent means – with their own tshirts! 

Back in March, it seemed every meeting I went to I was being told that Open Talent was complex and difficult to understand. The TEDx speech was a platform to show that it was simple, personal, common sense, and something that everyone could own as a campaign.

Some months later, I am delighted to hear that Braintree is the first Foyer to take up the baton, with Jessie and Jodie presenting a short film about ‘how young people can open their talent’.  It's a simple and insightful film, with the message that talent is all around us. We just need to see it.

It’s no surprise: Braintree Foyer, led by the advantaged-thinking Mark Watson, is a special place, a shining example of what the Foyer approach is all about.

I particularly like the moment Carl Miller, our talent champion of champions, describes a talent as ‘anything that makes you smile’. Carl’s work with Look Up To Yourself is amazing.  Alot of organisations talk about transformation and coaching, but few live it like Carl.

Now we have at least three videos to describe Open Talent – TEDx, Foyer Federation, and Braintree – with one more due from my Australian presentation to Virgin last month.  But why not many more?  Go and find out what your open talent is all about, and share it to inspire others.

Perhaps in a few years we will have our own TEDx, with young people from Foyers around the world showing us their talent to shape the future.  I dearly hope so. At a time when the adults have clearly lost the plot as leaders on the world stage, it can’t come a day too soon.

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