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Monday 14 November 2011

Oxford Foyer, Perth

I had a meeting today in London with  Jethro Sercombe, who manages the Oxford Foyer in Perth. He is currently over in the UK to visit Foyer projects such as Aberdeen and Crewe - just as I'm heading in the other direction to Sydney. Think Global, and the world turns up on your doorstop.

An interesting discussion ensued on how 'accreditation', the 'foyer tests', and our new Open Talent  'qualities framework' might be expressed in an Australian context, with a view to shaping 'future foyers' through an Australian lens in just the same way that the UK developed the Foyer 'process' from France into something new in the 1990s.

It's great to find creative spirits in Australia who are really committed to quality, strengths-based approaches, and want to be at the vanguard of a dynamic community of practice. This point I shall return to later during my trip...

I'm hoping the opportunity for innovation in Australia will shake up the 'futures' debate in terms of what is possible for young people, both here, there and around the world.

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