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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Open Talent at the 'Ending Youth Homeless Conference'

I'll be presenting Open Talent at the YFoundation's 'Ending Youth Homelessness Conference' on 23-24th November in Sydney.

Here's a description of the Conference - I like the 'new decade' thinking at the end. Here's to Open Talent's 'advantaged thinking tribe'....

'Yfoundations' vision for the conference is "think global, act local". The Conference will present practices, policies and research from our backyard to around the world, then place them into a localised discussion. With this motto, the Conference aims to tap into all sources of expertise, knowledge and wisdom to foster discussion on how these sources can suitably fit into the Australian and local contexts.

The conference theme for 2011 is ending youth homelessness.

With the dawn of a new decade, this year's theme looks to reinforce the top priority held by people invested in the lives of young people- ensuring a positive future for the many young people who experience or are at risk of homelessness. The community of people working to end youth homelessness has shown continuous resilience over the past decades. The sector has grown from several young activists to one of the most sophisticated in the world. This new decade should be no less exciting. '


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