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Thursday 13 November 2014

Radio reality

Logic models face a challenge when they touch the human face of feeling.  No matter what the fidelity system  -  the values, the intentions, the authentic purpose – their words exist only in the agile interact between a model and the matter of experience from which our lives are drawn. Like sandpaper against a fresh scar.

The most interesting leaders are those that thrive in the conflict of play between our internal and external world. It’s where the pearl of learning resides. How we shape and are shaped. The humans that do are preciously rare fragile angels of ice holding molten iron to heat our hearts.

We are receptors for feelings that stretch back generations, mixing within our identity, our senses, our taught responses, our instincts.  Radio reality.  The best we can do is embrace each aspect of being and know its use: those to be left behind; those to explore; those we are not ready for yet.  While it is true we cannot be defined by our feeling, our feelings are acts of becoming.   

I write a lot about ‘complex’ emotions because within their sharp figurines are transformations.  The decision points of our spirit.  I’m not afraid of the past negative, because I know it can be remade a brilliant diamond. It’s one of the amazing traits of the young people I’ve witnessed; their capacity to blossom out from pain.  The up-cycling of human courage.  Advantaged thinking, therefore, is not just about pinning up gold stars to smiles. The philosopher's stone needs blood too.

In the East, they believe in the laws of the universe; the cause and effect that threads through life.  Our propensity is to code the feelings we see in young people as a sickness to be cured. We fail to see the signs of the coal-mine canary in the cage of youth, pointing back to us. We are the cause of the effects around and inside us; while we live out effects from the cause-line we have been born from. And we do it in rigid silence. Adults luxuriate in the knowledge of a system flawed to the core of executive office chairs.

Confined in such models, we rationalise ever new structures, to hide from our inability to love each other as the people we really are…...........scared of.

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