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Friday 6 January 2012

Spying for the possible

The end of the journey is watching the moon`s imprint in the sky, eagles spiraling over bowed palm trees, boat`s from far-away lands gliding across the onsen`s sea horizon.  Here, one cherishes the space and time to think, decide, connect. Space and time, the two things we always talk about needing more of, but in our actions we seem to purposely destroy.  A casual glance at my bulging email box, from the prism of Japan, reveals at least 70% of messages are of absolutely no significance. (And for anyone reading this who has emailed me, of course you are the 30%). That is merely the tip of an ice berg of inconsequentiality that throttles our minds through ever more devious means, from funding announcements for projects we`ll never do to twitter messages about someone`s tea. Yet, these are the things we rush back to focus our precious space and time on.  I have been reflecting on a line from the Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy adaption, watched on the flight over, which touches on how someone can be taught to bury at least one thing as a secret that is so deep it cannot be revealed under torture. If we could bury one positive pure vision in our selves, each day, and from that place resist all stress and insignificances to keep its truth intact, what a different world we might be able to live. Since Open Talent offers at least one different perspective for each week day, perhaps I`ll start with that when I return to the place known as London. Like a weekly advent calendar, with each day`s place, person, opportunity, deal or campaign, revealing new possibilities. Waking up each day to create or look for something, we might actually make or find it.

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